All About Us

All About Wounds is a Nurse Practitioner wound consultation and education service.

All About Wounds is all about people with slow-to-heal wounds … and the health professionals caring for them.
We work with people who have wounds that are slow to heal (chronic), and those who are at risk of developing a chronic wound.
Acute wounds (such as a laceration, skin tear or simple surgical wound) should heal in a reasonable time period and not require any specialist attention.
A chronic wound develops when the acute wound does not heal within the expected timeframe, and may develop into an ulcer.

Who is at risk?
If you are aged over 65 years, have problems with your circulation, have diabetes or other chronic diseases, have difficulty moving around or if you are very over or underweight, you are at risk of developing a slow-to-heal wound. If you are a smoker, have a high alcohol intake and poor diet, this increases your risk. Very swollen legs (oedema or lymphoedema) also puts you at higher risk of any simple wounds turning into chronic wounds.

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