Once we receive a referral from your GP, we will contact you to make a suitable appointment time for an assessment. On completion of the assessment, a management plan will be developed for you, which will be sent to your GP and Community Nurse if you have one. You may choose to continue with your current nurse doing regular dressing changes for you, or you may return to the clinic for the practice nurse to do them.

Your assessment will include obtaining a full health history from you, including a list of your current medications and reviewing your recent blood results.

We may need to do some tests in the clinic to confirm our thoughts or may need to order some others for you to have done externally.

Tests we may organise are:

  • Doppler ABPI – where we check blood pressures on your legs and arms to ensure that your circulation is good in your legs (done in the clinic)
  • Arterial ultrasound – sometimes this is needed if the Doppler ABPI is inconclusive to check that your blood flow is adequate to your legs and feet
  • X-ray – sometimes needed to ensure there is no infection in a bone
  • Biopsy – occasionally required to determine if a lesion requires surgical removal
  • Blood tests – to ensure that your nutrition is adequate, and that your body systems are working well

Clinic appointments

Consultations are held at:

Mountain Retreat Clinic

430 Macquarie St, 

South Hobart, TAS 7004.

Appointments are available for people self-referring or referred by health professionals.
New and returning patients are welcome.

Mobile service

Home and Nursing Home visits are available for patients who are unable to leave their home.

Please note that an extra fee is added to mobile visits to cover travel costs. Individual fees can be discussed on referral


The consultation fee is determined by the length of the appointment. As a general guide, the following applies:

      • New patients (complex) 90 minutes
      • New patients (basic) 60 minutes
      • Review patients (complex) 45 minutes
    • Review patients (basic) 20-30 minutes

A Medicare rebate is available for most consultations. Some consultations may be covered by your private health insurance.
Specialised dressings and compression bandages will attract an extra fee.